Our mechanical design crew designs products using the SOLIDWORKS software that provides a wide range of designing functions, makes the process faster and ensures maximum efficiency. We create 3D models, assembly and manufacturing drawings, as well as photorealistic rendering images.

Fast prototyping

Based on SOLIDWORKS software’s documentation, we are able to present a prototype of the product after a few days, or even produce a short production series with 3D printing. Such solution provides the possibility of optimising the design regarding the weight, shape and functionality of the final product.
Material, printing technology and its parameters are open to being adjusted individually.

Tools designing

We offer support in starting your project by designing manufacturing tools using mechanical parts, electronic devices, microprocessor technology and computer assist.


Our tool shop offers in-house manufacturing of tools such as:
– injections moulds
– trimmers
– punching dies

The manufacturing process is performed using the newest Haas, Accutex and Mitsubishi machine tools.

One of the proposed injection moulds manufacturing technologies are cheap and quickly made test moulds, that allow us to produce short production series economically and in a very short time.


Our measurement lab is equipped with a multi-sensor optical device – Primus by MYCRONA – which can provide optical and contact 3D measurements with a resolution of 2 μm.


We must remember that even small defects of the injection mold will affect the visible aspects and, most importantly, the physical characteristic of the plastic element. Injection molds wear out and sometimes they just break. This happens regardless of the type of injected material and regardless of the quality of injection molding machines and the users professionalism. Fortunately, at Sp. z o.o. we are able to regenerate or repair all injection molds whose weight does not exceed 0.5 T.

In our Tool-shop we provide services in the following areas:
– polishing of forming surfaces,
– insertion of damaged sockets of injection molds,
– filling with the method of welding and CNC machining of small defects of the injection mold,
– CNC manufacturing and replacing of damaged or worn fragments of the injection mold,
– injection mold modification (in a limited extent) to avoid a damage reoccurrence,
– periodic inspections and maintenance of injection molds at the Customer place.

We invite you to use our services.