About us

We specialise in automotive electronics, especially in car, trailer, tractor and agricultural machinery lamps manufacturing. Our products are highly valued for their quality, and are often being used in factory assembly by automotive industry companies.

A key area of our business is providing services in the field of developing and producing injection moulds, and metal processing using CNC machines. Beside that, we manufacture mixtures enabling injection moulding parts of atypical technical requirements (high-performance plastics).

The high quality of our products is ensured by our qualified staff of specialists, our machinery being constantly modernised, and by running our own R&D facility.

We want to invite to cooperation car manufacturers, and companies interested in selling our products as well.


The PROMOT Car Accessories Factory was established in 1950 to provide lamps with plastic lenses for the majority of vehicles manufactured in socialist Poland. The factory supplied lamps for such brands as URSUS, STAR, JELCZ, Warszawa and Nysa. It was in PROMOT where rear lamps for popular WSK motorcycles (taking their name from Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego in Świdnik) were manufactured. During those times reflectors and halogen headlamps with glass lenses were the speciality of the Zelmot factory.

After a period of prosperity (in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, during which the firm employed nearly 400 people), hard times came. The company wasn’t ready for the shift in politics and economy that occurred in Poland after 1989. The possibility of importing cars from abroad, and little demand for national goods, as well as the introduction of the free market competition, made the products PROMOT had been producing so far unsellable. But the employees haven’t given up.

During the transformation of the country, PROMOT transformed as well, becoming a worker cooperative, and stood up for the challenge of the market. This change allowed it to survive, but not to reach its former glory. In the beginning of 2018, PROMOT transformed once more, into a modern and recapitalised company, ready to be a competitive player in the field of automotive lamps manufacturing, developing and producing injection moulds, high-performance plastics mixtures, and dealership of parts used in converting cars to run on alternative fuels, such as LPG and CNG.